Cherry Central
Growing, Processing and Marketing Fruit

Foodservice That Caters To You


At Cherry Central, we fulfill the processed fruit needs of all types of foodservice operations—schools, hospitals, restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, airlines and more. Supplying you with quality fruit and asparagus products is just one of our foodservice commitments to you.

We also:

  • Develop customer relationships based on trust, giving you the most accurate and complete information to help you make informed decisions,
  • Offer competitive bid pricing on commodities, thanks to our multiple member cooperatives,
  • Respond promptly to customer requests and provide flexibility, meeting your custom requirements and adapting products to current trends,
  • Establish partnerships with foodservice distributors, and
  • Offer custom labeling opportunities for brand recognition.

To learn more about fruit juices, applesauce varieties and other products available for foodservice, please contact:

David Barger, Foodservice