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Indian Summer®

Indian Summer® offers premium quality, pasteurized fruit products available all year.

Hungry for the taste of naturally delicious, nutritious U.S. apples? Try our:

  • Apple Juice made from fresh U.S. apples, fortified with at least 120% of your daily Vitamin C requirement
  • Apple Cider pressed from fresh U.S apples and free of additives
  • Applesauce made with U.S. apples, available in jars and single-serve sizes
  • Chunky fruit-flavored applesauce made with apples and whole cherries, diced peaches, raspberry and strawberry chunks, and real cinnamon.

Thirsty for healthful tart cherry or pomegranate juice? Look for our:

  • Montmorency Cherry juice made with 100% tart cherries
  • Cherry pomegranate juice containing 70% tart cherry and 30% pomegranate juices with no apple juice or other juice fillers

Looking to buy Indian Summer® products? Purchase here: www.amazon.com/indiansummer

Indian Summer
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Traverse Bay Fruit Co.
Dried cherries

Traverse Bay Fruit Co.

Home of Cherry Central premium dried fruits, Traverse Bay Fruit Co.® offers healthy, scrumptious and distinctive dried cherries, blueberries, cranberries and berry-cherry blends with a number of outstanding features:

  • USA grown
  • Optimum moisture using advanced drying techniques
  • Plump texture from a slight infusion of natural fruit juice and sugar
  • Sunflower oil (trace amounts) to retain individual pieces
  • No preservatives, sulfites or colorings
  • Less coating on yogurt-covered and milk chocolate- covered berries for more “big fruit” flavor
  • Kosher certified


Cherry Central’s new National and Global brand. Created to bring the healthy goodness of nature’s best Montmorency Cherry, Apple, Blueberry and Cranberry products from our farms to your table. Fruit grown with care and attention by our Cherry Central family of growers.

fruitHaven products are created in the time honored process of our family orchards, harvested in the summer and brought to you year round through innovative new products. Montmorency Cherries – the homegrown superfruit with science based benefits.

Look for our fruitHaven line of products, coming soon to your local grocer or specialty market.

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Looking for our Indian Summer®, fruitHaven or Traverse Bay Fruit Co. line of products,
at your local grocer or specialty food market?

Encourage them to carry our recognized brands, and direct them to our web site for more information.


Our dried fruits are available for sale from our offices between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST.

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