Environmental and Social Policy and Practices

Vision Statement

Cherry Central is a farmer-owned cooperative that believes we are stronger when we work together.  Cherry Central is made up of processor cooperatives comprised of hundreds of small family farms.  Farmers and Growers understand and appreciate the effect of man’s activities on the world around them.   A sound and healthy environment is crucial to their livelihood and well-being.  As a grower-owned cooperative, Cherry Central shares the grower commitment to being a good steward of the land and our communities by minimizing the negative impact of our activities as we focus on creating good and nutritious food.

Awareness and Commitment

Our policy toward human rights, health & safety and the environment will be readily available and promoted to both our vendors and customers. Our policy is the responsibility of the top management staff with oversight by our board of directors.

Practical Implementation

Dunkley International, a wholly-owned subsidiary, shares this commitment to operate in accordance with company policies and all applicable legal requirements.  The organization is committed to the continuous improvement of our environmental programs and the documentation, implementation, and maintenance of a formal Environmental Management System.

The operating policies and procedures include careful evaluation of the effects our processes have on the environment and employee safety.  Specifically, the minimization of waste through source reduction, reuse, and recycling as applicable by location and efficient use of water and power. In addition, employees are trained and encouraged to conduct their activities in an environmental and sustainable manner.  Objectives and goals are established to improve our processes and track our progress.

Cherry Central Cooperative Incorporated’s labor standards and employee rights are in compliance with Federal and State laws and administered via the Employee Handbook and the Code of Conduct.

Cherry Central Cooperative Inc.’s Board of Directors is responsible for monitoring the corporate sustainability, environmental and corporate social responsibility activities including the implementation of this policy and have supported time and resources to the below organizations over the years.

In the general Traverse City, Michigan area

  • 22 2 None
  • AC Paws
  • TCAPS and Kingsley Schools (Paying Off School Lunch Balances)
  • Michael’s Place
  • Reining Liberty Ranch
  • Grand Traverse Safe Harbor
  • Single Momms
  • Cherryland Humane Society
  • Thrive Medical Center

In the state of Michigan

  • Hospice Of Michigan
  • Addiction Treatment Services
  • Local Food Banks
  • Local Families in Need During Trying Times
  • Child Family Services
  • Michigan State Police Angel Program

In the USA

  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Melanie LaPerriere

To learn more about Cherry Central’s commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices, we invite you to contact us.