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Ingredients For Your Success Cherry Central has supplied manufacturers and distributors with superior quality fruit ingredients for decades. Our approach is unique. We fulfill your needs rather than manage your expectations. Whether frozen, dried, custom packed or private labeled, Cherry Central’s Ingredients are exclusively designed to satisfy your requirements for:
  • Consistency – We work with top people in the fruit processing industry, from farmers and processors to technicians and packers. Their years of experience and caring dedication allow us to consistently provide you with premium ingredients.
  • Quality Control – Extensive methods and processes—put in place by our outstanding technical service team—assure you of the best and safest fruit products and asparagus. GMO-free and Kosher selections are available, and a certificate of analysis is provided for each shipment, upon request.
  • Traceability – We take food safety seriously. All of our products are traceable back to the grower. And, our Quality Control team utilizes the best technology and preventive systems to secure each step in the production process, from receiving to shipping.
  • Competitive pricing – Cooperative member resources keep our costs low, and we pass our savings along to you.
A bunch of cherries on branch in a Michigan cherry orchard.
A homemade cherry pie with whole cherries next to it and cherry blossoms in the background.

Food Service

Foodservice That Caters To You

At Cherry Central, we fulfill the processed fruit needs of all types of foodservice operations—schools, hospitals, restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, airlines and more. Supplying you with quality fruit and asparagus products is just one of our foodservice commitments to you.

We also:

  • Develop customer relationships based on trust, giving you the most accurate and complete information to help you make informed decisions,
    Offer competitive bid pricing on commodities, thanks to our multiple member cooperatives,
  • Respond promptly to customer requests and provide flexibility, meeting your custom requirements and adapting products to current trends,
  • Establish partnerships with foodservice distributors, and
  • Offer custom labeling opportunities for brand recognition.
Cherry Sketch

Private Label

Private Label And Co-pack Ventures Help Build Your Brand

Cherry Central private label and co-pack opportunities are expanding and are currently offered throughout the U.S. and internationally. Wherever your business is, you can rely on our expertise to help you realize the potential in your markets.

We offer a full line of quality 100% fruit juices, drinks, cocktails, applesauces and dried fruits, plus canned asparagus available all year. From conventional to custom-made fruit products, Cherry Central delivers what you need:

  • Juice Flavors – From 100% pure apple to all other traditional flavors of juice and drinks, in addition to custom blends.
  • Applesauce – Traditional applesauce flavors and chunky premium style, in addition to custom blends
  • Formulas – Fortified with vitamin C, calcium, added fiber and other requested ingredients
  • Packaging – Juices offered in 4-oz. cups, 46-oz. cans and many sizes of PET hot-filled bottles. Applesauce available in cups, cans and jars; both glass and PET.

Among Cherry Central’s private label and co-pack advantages are:

  • Facilities and resources large enough to handle capacity.
  • Operations that focus on personal attention, with the convenience of central, “one-stop” customer care
  • Competitively-priced products from multiple member cooperatives
  • Complete Research and Development services
  • Extensive logistics services
  • Orders staged at one location and available for customer pick up, or ready to ship to your distribution center
Apple juice in glass
Homemade apple preserves in a white mug on a table with apples and cinnamon sticks.
Apple Sketch


A Recipe for School Success

Research shows that a healthy balanced diet is an effective tool to help children reach their full academic potential. Healthy, well-nourished children are more likely to attend class, be ready to learn, remain engaged and perform well in school. Cherry Central with our Indian Summer and fruitHaven brands offer a wide range of school nutrition solutions to help our children be the best they can be!

Indian Summer and fruitHaven Applesauce Blends are the perfect solution for schools striving to meet nutritional standards. Every blend satisfies the “Buy American” provisions for products processed in the United States from commodities substantially grown in the US. Kids will love the fresh flavors and colorful appearance! With Indian Summer and fruitHaven Applesauce cups and Juice products, your school can easily meet the nutritional requirements for serving healthful fruit.

Our products are:

Global Supply

Cherry Central exports cherry, apple, blueberry, cranberry, strawberry and other sweet crops all over the world. Trust our exacting quality standards and reputation for wholesome, delicious fruits. 

Cherries on a table in green quart cartons.


An assortment of three Indian Summer Juices.

Indian Summer®
Customer loyalty drives the success of Cherry Central’s family of premium apple and cherry juice, cider and fruit sauces sold through our time-honored retail brand, Indian Summer®. Our sales support includes:

  • Brand name recognition
  • WIC-approved products in multiple states
  • Customer-specific marketing programs
  • Continuous, ongoing promotional programs
  • Rectangular plastic juice bottles for easy shelving/storage
  • Variety of packaging options, including our Ready-to-display, Open-top display case pallets


Dried cherries in a box.

Traverse Bay Fruit Co.

Moist, plump dried fruit available through our popular Traverse Bay Fruit Co. brand includes premium quality berries and blended fruits in a variety of top-shelf packaging styles and sizes:

  • Deli “cup” containers
  • Resealable zippered bags
  • Poly-lined cartons for standard pack sizes, with custom sizes available

Growing awareness among consumers about antioxidants and other health-promoting properties of fruit continues to boost sales in dried fruits across our market outlets.

fruitHaven logo and packaging.


Cherry Central’s new National and Global brand. Created to bring the healthy goodness of nature’s best Montmorency Cherry, Apple, Blueberry and Cranberry products from our farms to your table. Fruit grown with care and attention by our Cherry Central family of growers:

  • Dried fruit – retail and foodservice products ranging from individual serving sizes to family style packaging
  • Montmorency Cherry Juice and Juice Blends – created for health, recovery and performance in individual serving sizes for retail sale and foodservice.
  • Shelf stable Packaging style and design to showcase in the store environment
  • Available through e-commerce, our growers websites and traditional retail and foodservice

Products created in the time honored process of our family orchards, harvested in the summer and brought to you year round through innovative new products. Montmorency Cherries – the homegrown superfruit with science-based benefits.