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Happy National Co-Op Month!

October is national co-op month which means we here at Cherry Central are taking the time to reflect on our shared principles and try to help educate others of the benefit of our cooperative.

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4 bottles of fruitHaven juice a bicyclist and fruithaven logo with words Cherries Premium Dried Tart Montmorency Cherries.

Cycling in September

September is a busy time for the cycling community across the United States. Cherry Central is happy to announce that we will be providing samples during an event here in Michigan and a race in California this month.

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A rolling green landscape of a cherry orchard on slightly cloudy day.

2021 North American Crop Update

After the 2020 tart cherry harvest (which was the worst harvest since 2012), North American growers were hopeful that 2021 would bring bountiful crops in key growing regions, including Michigan.

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A close look at cherry blossoms in an orchard on cloudy day.

Home Grown Traverse City Roots

Here at Cherry Central, we are fortunate enough to have our headquarters in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan. Although our Cherry Cooperative was founded in 1973, Traverse City’s relationship with cherries began well before that.

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